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Wood Cleaning & Restoration

Fences, decks, and pergolas all have to be maintained correctly for longevity. Our Wood Restoration process uses an array of specially formulated wood cleaning agents to strip, clean, and brighten the wood back to its natural beauty. These cleaning agents are applied using low-pressure methods to remove any organic growth (algae, mold, etc.), dead wood fibers, and failed coatings from the surface and pores of the lumber. 

Unlike traditional pressure washing, these methods will NOT damage the wood fibers of your beautiful wood structure. Instead, they will clean, restore, and brighten the wood back to its natural beauty and luster. 

We ALWAYS recommend that you have any exterior wood structure properly stained/sealed to protect it from the elements. And routine maintenance is a must to ensure your wood structure lasts for years and decades to come! Check out our Wood Staining & Sealing page for more information. 

Available Add-On Services

  • Oil and Grease Mitigation

  • Gum Removal

  • Rust Removal

  • Efflorescence Removal

  • Oxidation Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

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