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Roof Washing

Residential & Commercial

Roof Washing is completed using the "Soft-Wash" method. Roof cleaning agents and surfactants are applied to your roof, using a low-pressure application, to kill and remove all organic growth and soiling. This is the only cleaning method approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturer's Association). 


Most asphalt shingle roofs are NOT black. The darkening of shingles is caused by a specific bacterium, Gloeocapsa Magma, which feed off of the limestone in the shingles. Allowing these harmful bacteria to dwell on your roof will shorten the lifespan of the shingles, allowing the limestone to be consumed, causing heavy granular loss from the shingles. Weakened shingles lead to failed roofing and water leaks. Algae and Roof Moss are also enemies to all types of roofs and can destroy a roof in just a few years if left untreated. Roof Washing is an affordable and very effective means of removing these bacteria and organic growths, which will not only make your home look great again, but will prolong the life of your roof by years. At a fraction of the cost of a new roof, Roof Washing can be completed routinely every few years to help maintain a healthy great looking roof and home!

Roof Washing is available for ALL types of roofs including:

  • Asphalt shingle

  • Metal

  • Clay tile

  • Concrete tile

  • Commercial and Residential

Available Add-On Services

  • Oil and Grease Mitigation

  • Gum Removal

  • Rust Removal

  • Efflorescence Removal

  • Oxidation Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

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